Glass and Plexiglass Cutting


We cut glass, plexiglass, and lexan to any size you need. We carry single strength glass which starts in sheets of 4 feet by 3 feet and can be cut to any square dimensions. We have three strengths of plexiglass, single, double, and 1/4", and lexan which all start in 4 feet by 8 feet sheets and can also be cut to any square dimensions.

Example 20" by 20" Piece:
Glass: $6.99 + Tax.
Single Strength Plexiglass: $10.99 + Tax.
Double Strength Plexiglass: $12.99 + Tax.
1/4" Plexiglass or Lexan: $43.99 + Tax.

We are also happy to cut your own glass or plexiglass to any size you desire for only $1.00 + Tax.