Custom Match Paint Mixing & Shaking

Have a paint or solid stain color already on your house, camp, or deck and want to keep the same color but you are unsure of what color it actually is? Easy, just get us a sample of the paint or solid stain color at least an inch by an inch and we will do the rest to match it. Our custom match software will scan your paint or solid stain sample and return a custom formula to mix. Now you do not have to spend hours searching for a color that is close, get it exact! Once we get a formula we can even save it in our computer system for use in the future.

Need a color other than white? We can do that! With nearly 1000 new paint sample colors to choose from and nearly 100 solid and semi-transparent stain samples to choose from, we can mix a paint for any style. Come in and see our wide selection of colors today.