Privacy Policy
We at Buckingham Hardware respect the privacy of our customers. The general purpose of this statement is to allow you to understand what information we gather from you and what we do with it. By using this web site you agree to the terms listed in this policy. This policy is also subject to change without notice. Buckingham Hardware collects general tracking information from every visitor to our web page via our web server and google analytics which includes the pages you visit, the times you visit them, and your computer's IP address. This allows us to be able to build this site in a way that suits our visitors the best. This information is not presented to anyone other than the employees and management of Buckingham Hardware and does not identify you in anyway personally. Buckingham Hardware cannot and will not track you once you leave our site. If you choose to leave a comment or sign up for our "Buckingham Bucks" Rebate Program via our site, you are giving Buckingham Hardware the right to collect the information that you post into our form as well as the general tracking information listed above. In order to send a comment to us you are required to give us your name and email address and in order to sign up for our rebate program you must provide us with a name, address, phone number, and optionally your email address and date of birth. None of the before mentioned data with be used for any purpose other than what is stated on the page and we do NOT sell any information to third parties under any circumstances. Additionally, we will never use the information you have provided us with to spam you or anything of the liking. The information you provide us with is your choice to provide us with and therefore is completely voluntary. You, as a valued customer, also reserve the right to send us comments anonymously by filling in the name field 'anonymous'. Buckingham Hardware will not tolerate any use of strong language, threats, or anything of the liking. By submitting information to our site, you grant Buckingham Hardware the right to use your information in anyway that they want that does not violate your security or release your name or any other personal information. Buckingham Hardware reserves the right to contact you to publish your name for purposes agreed upon between Buckingham Hardware and the individual.